Well, here I am on a new adventure, my very first e commerce sight. from time to time I will throw up some of the projects that I am working on and show the world what I am doing. I make pens and signs oh and plaques. Last year I build my CNC Router, a design by Dave Gatton, it has been fun to learn how to use and make interesting things.

I can make custom pens from label casts to your favorite wood. If you want to have a pen made for someone tell me about them their hobbies and their interests and I can find the pen for them and give you a quote. With label casting, your imagination is your guide. Now that said, I need to qualify something.  This is art work, my art work, and I will not make things that endorse things that are offensive, perverse or go against my conscience. There are enough pen makers and craftsman out there that can make you what you want, and I will help you find that person. Just as I would not ask you nor force you to take part in something you do not wish to affiliate with, all i ask is that you show the same respect.

So all that done I will post some photos of past stuff.

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